St Edward’s School



所在城市:Cheltenham, Gloucestershire









St Edward’s School

  • 於1987年建立,學校提供優質教育給予學生,例如小班教學和專業導師,提高學生對學習的興趣,從而令他們在公開試更有信心取得好成績。
  • 在2016年,78%畢業生完成課程後繼續接受高等教育,29%學生考進Russell Group (羅素集團)中的大學,其中包括University of Oxford牛津大學。
  • 學校的設備十分完善,同學可以享用學校範圍內的自修室、圖書館、咖啡廳、實驗室、電腦室等。
  • 學校的運動是包容性的,不但有各種各樣的體育活動供學生參加,而且還有海外旅遊。最近有包括迪拜,南非,澳大利亞,加拿大和北美洲。

  • International Students:
    St Edward’s Preparatory School and St Edward’s Senior School welcome children from all over the world. There are children at both Schools from a range of countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, India, South Africa, China and Germany.

    The Schools pride themselves on being able to absorb children from different curricular and cultural backgrounds and they enrich our school community. Children who come to the Schools with no English receive extra lessons in the English language, but we find that with total immersion in school life their English develops rapidly. In both the Prep and Senior School, there is a teacher who has responsibility for international pupils to support them in settling into school life and to oversee their progress with their English language development. For the Prep School, EAL pupils will be assessed during their first week and placed within the four levels of EAL support offered by the School, this is then assessed on a termly basis.

    For entry into the Prep School, we would require recent school reports, a school reference and, if a visit to the School is not possible, a Skype conversation between the Headmaster and parents can be arranged.

    For entry into the Senior School, assessment papers can be sent to their current school for invigilation and return to us for marking. Following this a formal offer of a place can usually be made.