Spokane Falls Community College



所在城市:華盛頓州第二大城市。-充滿活力和生氣的城市,購物,娛樂和交通也很方便。-距離西雅圖:40分鐘飛機 / 2.5小時巴士。



入讀要求:TOEFL-500(paper-based)/173(CBT)/61(iBT);IELTS-5.0,with no IELTS band lower than 5.0. Academic version only;Cambridge-CAE grade C or better;TOEIC-minimum score of 610

學費:約US $9,800





Spokane Falls Community College

  • 位於華盛頓州的 Spokane 校網,由 Spokane 與 Spokane Falls 兩間社區學院組成。
  • 與 華盛頓大學 (Bothell campus)、Eastern Washington (生物科技及美術設計)、 Idaho (工商管理、教育及社工)、North Dakota (航空管理)、華盛頓大學 (犯罪學及室內設計) 及其它很多大學都有合作關係,學生在學院內修讀的學分可獲大學承認。
  • 2011年新落城的科學大樓,斥資三千萬,提供藝術及科學的各樣先進設備和實現室。
  • 位於華盛頓州第二大城市 Spokane。
  • 充滿活力和生氣的城市,購物,娛樂和交通也很方便。
  • 氣候溫和,夏天平均攝氏16度,冬天平均攝氏6度。
  • Open Enrollment: Any international student will be admitted to a U.S. community college provided they are at least 17 years of age and a high school graduate.
  • Cost: A year of study at a community college is 1/3 the cost of attending a university. Average annual cost-of-education at a community college is $16,500 – including ALL COLLEGE AND HOUSING COSTS
  • Programs: We offer over 130 different programs of study, including university transfer degrees and many professional/technical program
  • Class Size: Community colleges have much smaller class sizes than universities, especially for first-year “core” courses. Technology Community colleges are state-supported, with stable budgets and a strong commitment to state-of-the-art technology and information systems. We have over 1300 computers for student use on campus – all free to use.
  • Support: International student populations at community colleges are often much less than at universities, with more immediate contact with faculty and support staff.