Skagit Valley College



所在城市:在華盛頓州的Mount Vernon, 離西雅圖 1.5 車程 (96 公里),被譽為「美國最佳小城市」- 景點包括: 喀斯喀特山脈、鬱金香花圃、聖胡安島等。



入讀要求:16歲以上,托福TOEFL(iBT)61分或以上 / 雅思IELTS 5.5

學費:約US $9,800






Skagit Valley College

  • 畢業生轉入華盛頓大學,賓夕凡尼亞州立大學,UC Davis 等名牌大學。
  • 可收16歲以上中四生。
  • 小班制且高品質的教學,使學生與老師間有良好的互動。
  • 學校設有宿舍。
  • 半農村似的學校,雖無城市學校的繁華,但風景優美且平靜的生活方式,使學生能享受另一種的學習生活。
  • 在華盛頓州的 Mount Vernon,離西雅圖 96 公里,被譽為「美國最佳小城市」,城鎮人口 20000,生活費用低廉,而且十分安全。
  • 景點包括:喀斯喀特山脈、鬱金香花圃、聖胡安島等等。
  • 氣候溫和,平均氣溫攝氏 5-18 度。

City Information
Despite its reputation as a rainy city, Seattle is considered one of the most livable cities in the United States. It is a hi-tech city, with a healthy economy powered by companies headquartered in Seattle such as Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon.com, an artistic and cultural city, and a well-educated, liberal city. Seattle has the highest percentage of college graduates of any major U.S. city. Its population is approximately 73% Caucasian (white), one of the highest percentages of Caucasians for a major American city, and 13% Asian American. The world’s richest man, Bill Gates, resides in Seattle.
Seattle, while frequently shrouded in grey clouds and mist, actually has much less precipitation than many other US cities, despite its soggy reputation. Winter temperatures range from 4°-10°C, with very little snow, while summer highs hover between 24°-29°C. Summer days can be very pleasant – sunny and warm. Students attending Skagit Valley College will fly into Sea-Tac Airport. Staff from International Student Services will pick students up directly from the airport.

School Information
Skagit Valley College is one hour away from Seattle. It opened in 1926 and adopted its present name in 1958. It is the second oldest community college in Washington State. Skagit Valley College is an excellent choice for students looking for a good environment to learn English and for a lot of personal attention for their studies. Students from Skagit Valley have transferred to universities including those of: Penn State, UC Davis, Central Washington University, University of Hawaii, University of Oregon, University of Washington, Rutgers University, Purdue University. Skagit Valley does not require its applicants to take the TOEFL. Skagit Valley also has a high school completion program for international students age 17 and above called Running Start. This program allows students to complete high school diploma and college/university credit simultaneously.