Seattle Central College






入讀要求:16歲以上,托福TOEFL 64+ / 雅思IELTS 6, writing 5.0

學費:約US $9,800







被 TIME Magazine 選為 College of the Year

  • 在華盛頓 50 多間社區學院中,SCCC 位列前茅,2001 年更獲全美最佳社區學院
  • 我們的學生成功轉入名牌大學的第三年, 院校包括 U of Washington UC Berkeley UCLA Columbia U Dartmouth College 等等
  • 除名牌大學,SCCC亦能保證學生入讀其中一所夥伴大學,
    California State University–Northridge, Seattle University, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • 上課地點更有彈性: North Seattle College, Seattle Central College 和 South Seattle College 為姐妹校,學生可以根據自己意願去姐妹校上課
  • 速成制度讓你同時完成高中和副學士,節省時間和金錢
  • 國際學生亦能申請獎學金或工作配置 (work placement)
  • 由華盛頓政府屬下的教育事務常委會監管
  • 設有國際學生獎學金,新舊生均可申請
  • 小班教學,關心學生
  • 一年港幣18萬
  • 位於繁榮而環境優美和安全的西雅圖市
  • 西雅圖被譽為「最適合居住」的城市
  • 眾多傑出企業如微軟、波音、星巴克等都在西雅圖設有總部
  • 景點包括太空針塔、派克市場和音樂體驗館等等
  • 氣候溫和,平均氣溫 5 至 18 度
  • 以下是一些 Seattle Central 的聯繫學校及其要求分數:University of California, Irvine (2016-2017) GPA 3.5

    University of California, Santa Barbara (2016-2017) GPA 3.5

    University of Washington, Bothell GPA 3.0

    Washington State University GPA 2.75 

    University of Washington, Tacoma GPA 2.75

    State University of New York (SUNY), Oneonta GPA 2.5

    Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) GPA 2.0

    University of Massachusetts, DartmouthGPA 2.5

    San Francisco State University GPA 2.0

  • 住宿方式 17歲或以上新生可申請入住學校宿舍 住宿家庭 公寓 酒店(短期住宿)

City Information
Despite its reputation as a rainy city, Seattle is considered one of the most livable cities in the United States. It is a hi-tech city, with a healthy economy powered by companies headquartered in Seattle such as Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon.com, an artistic and cultural city, and a well-educated, liberal city. Seattle has the highest percentage of college graduates of any major U.S. city. Its population is approximately 73% Caucasian (white), one of the highest percentages of Caucasians for a major American city, and 13% Asian American. The worlds richest man, Bill Gates, resides in Seattle. Seattle, while frequently shrouded in grey clouds and mist, actually has much less precipitation than many other US cities, despite its soggy reputation. Winter temperatures range from 4°-10°C, with very little snow, while summer highs hover between 24°-29°C. Summer days can be very pleasant – sunny and warm. Students attending Seattle Central Community College will fly into Sea-Tac Airport.

School Information
Seattle Central Community College is the only community college located in downtown Seattle. It is located on lively Capitol Hill, about a 15-minute walk from skyscrapers, restaurants, coffee houses, and movie theatres. Seattle Central was chosen as TIME Magazines ‘College of the Year in 2001. Students from Seattle Central have transferred to universities such as UC Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia University, Boston University, Art Institute of San Francisco, Cornell and Dartmouth. Students transferring to the University of Washington have a higher average GPA in their last 2 years of study than students who study at UW for the full 4 years! The college has a population of 12,000 students, including 650 international students from 40 different countries. Seattle Central also has a generous scholarship program for international students, offering up $100,000 in scholarship each year to international students alone. Seattle Central does not require its applicants to take the TOEFL. Seattle Central also has a high school completion program for international students age 17 and above called FAST TRACK. This program allows students to complete high school diploma and college/university credit simultaneously.

The New York Times comment on SCCC:

The commitment to the sciences is evident in bricks and mortar. Last fall, Seattle Central opened a $27 million math and science building. The college’s Rocket Club recently traveled to the Johnson Space Center in Houston to conduct a NASA-approved experiment in microgravity. And each year, a handful of students are selected for 10-week fellowships working with top scientists in the engineered biomaterial research group at the University of Washington.

Students at Seattle Central — Time magazine’s “college of the year” in 2001 — do well when they move on. A study of transfers to the University of Washington showed that they performed slightly better than “natives” (students beginning as freshman), with an average G.P.A. of 3.26.

Almost half of Seattle Central’s students are minorities; 9 percent are international students, primarily from Asia, intent on transferring to four-year colleges. They pay out-of-state tuition and fees of about $8,000 a year (in-state: under $3,000).

“The city of romance, the city of art, Seattle is filled with beautiful music and the sweet smell of coffee,” writes Jayoung Jung, a student from South Korea, in a testimonial on the college Web site. “Moreover the mood of rainy days in Seattle makes me feel like I’m seated in a jazz bar.”

AND The Seattle Maritime Academy’s survival course requires students to suit up in protective gear in the water. A few years ago, someone thought it would be fun to scare newbies with fake shark fins; the tradition continues today.