Queen Elizabeth’s Academy Devon



所在城市:Western Road, Credition, Devon









Along with being a secondary school of good standing, QECC also has a sixth form, for students wishing to extend their education past year 11. In the most recent[when?] Ofsted review of the school, said sixth form received an 「Outstanding」 – the best title Ofsted hands out.

Despite technically being a Technology College, QECC is known for its excellence in the fields of performing arts such as music and drama. Each year a play or musical is held by the drama and music departments, with the set decorated by members of the art department staff, and have regularly achieved good feedback. The QE Jazz Band regularly performs locally tours abroad.

The college has 13 partner primary schools, of which it is usual that the pupils from said schools continue their education at QECC past the age of 11.

The college’s coat of arms shows prominently the figure of Saint Boniface, the patron saint of the town and the most famous person to have ever been born and raised there.

For years the college management has been wishing to amalgamate the two parts of the school- QECC Lower, (Years 7 and 8) and QECC Upper, (Years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13) into a single-site college building. However, despite it being high on the to-do list, it seems unlikely that such a development will occur in the near future, mainly due to funding.

The current buildings are in a somewhat dilapidated state, though it hasn’t affected the school’s performance records. A new humanities block composed primarily of permanent classroom 「blocks」 (lowered onto each other by crane) has recently been erected in place of the old Quad courts, and was opened in May 2010. The block was built to create a specific area for humanities lessons, so that the 「main block」 and 「West-wing」 which formerly accommodated them would hold entirely their respective subject areas (science, in the main block, and mathematics and modern foreign languages. In late 2011 the upper site technology blocks, hosting food technology, textiles, graphic products and product design, were refurbished.