Pasadena City College



所在城市:洛杉磯是美國西岸加州第一大城,人口超過400萬- 著名景點有有中國城、小東京、好萊塢及迪士尼樂園度假區等。



入讀要求:TOEFL score(minimum 450/ 133/ 45), IELTS 5.0, iTEP 3.

學費:約US $8000





Pasadena City College

  • 東岸有麻省理工(MIT),西岸有加州理工(Cal Tech)。加州理工在 Pasadena,而 Pasadena 有著名的社區學院
  • 著名的作家 Clive Cussler、演員尼克‧諾爾蒂、喬治·李維(飾演超人)都是 PCC 的校友
  • 社區學院校園面積全美第三大
  • 氣候怡人,全年平均氣溫攝氏12-22度
  • 很多畢業生升入加州大學和加州州立大學
  • 以下是一些 Pasadena City College 的聯繫學校及其要求分數:

    University of California, Irvine GPA 3.4

    University of California, Santa Barbara GPA 3.2

    University of California, Davis GPA 3.2-3.3 

    University of California, Riverside  GPA 3.0-3.5

    University of California, Santa Cruz GPA 3.0

    University of California, Merced  GPA 2.8-3.0

    Arizona State University GPA 2.5-3.0 


City Information
Pasadena is located in Los Angeles County and has a population of 134,000. It is the main population and cultural centre of the San Gabriel Valley and is famous for hosting the annual Rose Bowl football game. Pasadena is ideally located close to the ocean, with spectacular mountain views throughout the city.

The world-famous California Institute of Technology is located in Pasadena. The weather in Pasadena is also famous, with a 24 degree Celsius average daily temperature year round. Winter temperatures never drop below 12 degrees and summer temperatures rarely exceed 29 degrees. Pasadena enjoys all the convenience that surrounding big city Los Angeles offers, but maintains a small-town feel. In fact, Pasadena advertises itself as ‘a city that feels like a village.’ Students attending PCC will fly into Los Angeles International Airport.

School Information
Pasadena City College was founded in1924 and is today the third-largest single-campus community college district in the United States. Its famous alumni include novelist Clive Cussler, actor Nick Nolte, baseball legend Jackie Robinson, Superman actor George Reeves, and Herbert Hoover III, grandson of 31st US President Herbert Hoover. In 2002-2003, it transferred 465 students to the UC system and 1,160 students to the Cal State system.