College of Central Florida



所在城市:校區位於Ocala,即佛羅里達州的中部, 佛羅里達以其海灘、溫暖的氣候與陽光普照的天氣而聞名。



入讀要求:正規課程 TOEFL:500/ 173/ 61;英文課程 TOEFL:420/ 110/ 35;學生可選擇考SLEP Test,預先被學校評估英語程度。考試按金港幣700,順利通過學生簽証後,可退回按金。

學費:約US $9,500






College of Central Florida

  • 畢業生轉入 U of Florida,U of Georgia,U of North Carolina 等大學。
  • 校園內提供網絡服務,使學生更能吸收新資訊。
  • 學生宿舍鄰近教室、銀行、超市及電影院。
  • 教職人員會依國際學生的需要盡可能提供輔導。
  • 學校有宿舍提供。
  • 位於佛羅里達州的中部,該區以海灘,溫暖的氣候與陽光普照的天氣聞名。
  • 夏季長、溫暖而潮濕,冬季通常都很溫和。
  • 校外娛樂有迪士尼樂園、環球電影廠及一流的海灘等休閒場所。

City Information
Central Florida Community College is located in Ocala, one hour away from Orlando. Florida is nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State’ because it receives an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. Falls and winters are warm and dry and summers and springs are hot and humid. Temperatures rarely rise above 32 degrees Celsius in the summer and seldom drop below 10 degrees Celsius in the winter. Florida’s economy is heavily based on tourism and the state sees over 60 million visitors a year who come to suntan on the hundreds of miles of beaches or who come to visit Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando. The Kennedy Space Centre is another popular tourist attraction and has also drawn aerospace and military industries to the state.

School Information
Central Florida Community College (CFCC) was established in 1957 and currently has 6000 students with 52 international students. Students from Central Florida Community College have transferred to universities such as the University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Georgia, the University of North Carolina and many more. In Florida, the state guarantees that all graduates of approved associate degree programs will be granted admission into a four-year program at any state institution, with additional requirements for high-demand programs. 55% of the students enrolled in undergraduate programs in Florida attend community colleges.