City College of San Francisco






入讀要求:52 IBT / 473 PBT (City code: 4052) - 或 IELTS 4.5- 或 承認思亞模擬TOEFL

學費:US $7,000





City College of San Francisco

  • 如果你不怕熱鬧,自己又可以專心讀書,更喜歡古典建築物,三藩市社區學院你一定鍾意!
  • 讀三藩市社區學院最有香港feel,學術水準非常高,但課餘講英文的機會就要靠自己爭取。
  • CCSF的很多畢業生都升入各加州大學和加州州立大學。
  • 學校聘用受過嚴格專業訓練和富教學經驗的導師任教。
  • 校園鄰近三藩市,三藩市是一個友善和國際化的城市,人口約80萬。
  • 位處於太平洋沿岸。夏天最高溫度很少超過攝氏30度。

City Information
The city of San Francisco sits at the top of Northern California’s Bay Area peninsula, rimmed by the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. The city is home to famous attractions such as its steep hills, cable cars, Chinatown, and Alcatraz Island. An important financial and international business center, the San Francisco Bay Area has a population of over 3 million. San Francisco is within close reach of the prestigious university towns of Berkeley and Stanford, ski resorts, and the beautiful Napa Valley wine region. San Francisco is cooled in the summer by ocean breezes and stays relatively warm in the winter. Summer temperatures average 18 degrees Celsius with a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius and winters are generally sunny, with average temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius. There is plenty of sunshine, with cool fog blanketing areas of the city in the summer. Students attending City College of San Francisco will fly into the San Francisco International Airport.

School Information
CCSF was established in 1935 and is the only community college serving the City and County of San Francisco. It has a student population of 24,000 at its main campus, with about 1,200 international students from over 90 countries. CCSF has one of the highest transfer rates for students to both the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems. Once enrolled in the UC or CSU systems, CCSF graduates also frequently outperform students who had been freshman and sophomores in these schools. Students from City College of San Francisco have transferred to schools such as UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University, UCLA, NYU, Columbia University, and University of Southern California. City College of San Francisco has articulation agreements with over 55 universities, including San Francisco State University, the entire UC system and the California State University system as well.

The New York Times comment on CCSF:

Urban community colleges typically have more part-time than full-time students, and City College has a lot of them. Since the convenience factor is critical, eight satellite campuses are scattered throughout the city, one for English language instruction alone. The college must also satisfy a daunting range of interests, from fashion to astronomy to biotechnology. The national headquarters for Bio-Link, a program devoted to improving biotechnology education, is situated on the main campus.

City College reflects its hometown both in racial composition (40 percent Asian) and culture (programs include Philippine studies; gay, lesbian and bisexual studies; and culinary and hospitality studies). The Institute of International Education consistently ranks City College among the top 10 community colleges in sending students to study abroad. Students can spend next fall and spring studying language and art history in Paris, Florence or Madrid. Foreign study credits are either all or partly transferable to California’s two state systems.

The rock-bottom line: $20 a credit hour, or $600 for two semesters. And there’s an impressive rate of return: 75 percent of full-time students return for the second year.

AND Courses are built around Diego Rivera’s “Pan-American Unity” at the Diego Rivera Theater on campus. The mural was commissioned for a 1940 international exposition and subsequently given to the college. The public can view the painting while student docents discuss its history and meaning.