音樂 Music

讀音樂一例:在英國 Trinity College of Music

Whilst studying on the Programme you will:

  • create music as an instrumentalist, vocalist or composer at a level that will prepare you to enter the profession on graduation
  • establish a secure artistic identity and develop a range of sophisticated professional skills
  • perform as a soloist, in small and large ensembles, to a diverse range of audiences
  • gain an understanding of the music profession and its audiences in contemporary society
  • develop collaborative, innovative and entrepreneurial skills
  • develop your communication skills to a professional level as an artist through your instrument/voice/compositions
  • engage audiences through informed discussion and written work

Year 1 & 2

The Professional Studies Module aims to consolidate a strong foundation for performance training. It develops technical skills, artistic expression, knowledge of performance practice and musicianship. The Reception & Interpretation Module is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, understanding and critical thinking to become a complete musician. There is an emphasis on learning through practical activities in all elements of the programme.

Year 3 & 4

By the end of the four-year Professional Studies Module you will have developed an individual musical identity supported by strong technique and musicianship. You will have developed keen awareness of performing practice as required by the contemporary music profession.


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