IBT 模擬試 (全用電腦做) + 答案剖析

用書的光碟做 Reading 2 篇, Listening 2 篇, Speaking 及 Writing


書的 pp 260-1

Problem 33: Opinion

In this independent essay question, you will be asked to write an essay about a familar topic. This may be a place, a person, a possession, a situation, or a occsion. After you read the question, you will state your opinion and then explain why you have that opinion.

You will have 30 minutes to plan, write, and revise your essay. Typically, a good response will require that you write a minimum of 300 words.

· State your opinion
· Explain the reasons for your opinion


Some students apply for admission only to their first-choice school, while others apply to several schools. Which plan do you agree with, and why? Be sure to include details and examples to support your opinion.

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