來信:關心學生和家長, 至誠溝通

Dear Benjamin,

…I want to inform you again that your son is doing very well and making a progress toward his transfer to UNLV…

You may already know about this but we had GlobalFest event last night at Highline Community College (this is the biggest cultural event at Highline!) and Daniel performed at the Festival. He sang a beautiful song (solo!) on the stage in front of so many people. He is such a GREAT singer and he is so brave. All audience including myself and our college president were so impressed!!!!

Just let you know that I’m visiting Hong Kong and Macau toward the end of this month and I’m visiting CJR Hong Kong office… If you or your wife have any questions about your son or transfer process to UNLV, please feel free to stop by CJR office then.

I would be happy to greet you and talk to you then.

Best regards,

Mariko Fujiwara


International Student Programs

Highline Community College