1. Complete the most possible lower division requirements in your major prior to applying. (The more the better!)
  2. Complete 60 transferable semester units (or 90 transferrable quarter units) at least two terms prior to the time you arrive at the UC campus of your choice.
  3. Earn the highest GPA possible in your lower division major requirements
  4. Earn the highest overall GPA possible in all UC transferable courses
  5. Complete the required UC transferable math and English courses prior to applying.
  6. Attend a California Community College
  7. Apply on time
  8. Complete the I.G.E.T.C or campus specific general education requirements prior to enrolling at the UC you have been admitted to.
  9. Write a great personal essay when you submit your application.
  10. Complete the UC minimum admission requirements for transfer applicants


提示: “Does this Class satisfy either a general education or major requirement for me, and if not, do I need this elective?”