Dear Mr Cheng,

It’s xxx Cheung of Hxxx School who is now studying at FIC Vancouver. I would very much want to share a happy news with you about my academic achievement.

I am now studying in Stage II of Business Admin Program of FIC, taking 5 courses each semester. Most probably this semester would be my last semester in FIC since I got GPA 3.8 in the previous semester and I would get transfer to SFU this Sept. Also due to my good performance in Stage I, I received 2 awards from FIC, which is the Highest Academic Achievement in Stage I program and the Highest Academic Achievement Overall.

As you said before, since I could finish my undergrad degree within 3 years, so I decided to stay in SFU to finish my degree.

Thanks for your advice and keep in touch.

I will probably back to Hong Kong this August, so if there is anything that I can help, such as sharing my experience in FIC or anything like this, I am pleased to do so for you. : )


xxx Cheung