15 tips for getting into a competitive university
and for getting the most out of such an opportunity.

To get in:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the school to which you want to apply. Be specific about your reasons for wanting to attend your school of choice.
  2. Choose a challenging but reasonable academic course load.
  3. Demonstrate your diverse abilities at every opportunity.
  4. Cultivate good relationships with your teachers and guidance counselors.
  5. Use a professional e-mail address as your contact e-mail.
  6. Plan your personal statement carefully.
  7. Consider applying early.
  8. Make sure everything you submit is carefully proofread.
  9. Get all the basic requirements of the application 100% right.
  10. Get involved! Good grades alone won't get you in.

Once you get in:

  1. Speak up – if there is a course you want to take that isn't offered, ask for it.
  2. Stay involved! Explore the huge range of activities available.
  3. Expect to be busy: class work is demanding, as is extra-curricular involvement.
  4. Expect to be intimidated: you didn't get into your top school without good reason, but neither did your peers!
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