Mr Cheng,

Glad to hear from you again. As I remember I talked to you before leaving HK, I still can feel the happiness to make friends with an experienced guy like you because I can learn a lot from you.

People who always aim high are the best models for me. You are the one that I am talking about (I mean enterprising person). To be a successful person in the world is not easy actually. It is the truth. But if you continue to work with your pace and your good plan, you will finally gain whatever you want, whatever you aim at. I am not sure about the future development of CJR, but I sincerely wish you a good operation with your colleagues as well as your office work.

For me, the undergraduate study is not so important when comparing with the graduate school. So I think it’s better to get a higher GPA in my undergraduate study so that I can enter a better grad school in the future. What do u think of it?