Dear Dr. Cheng,

How are you? ^^ Thank you so much for helping me get to here successfully.

I’ve settled down in SF and City College . Everything is fine , better than what I’ve imagined.

About the college, I like the environment most, the college is so big and gorgeous.It’s like a park! And the study atmosphere in here is so positive.

The instructors are helpful, they focus on what I 「understand」 . Once I understand it , I don’t need to force my self to 「memorize」 it.I prefer to study in this way.

However I enjoy my college life , I think it would be better if I took the exchange-student programme first. For most overseas students who live with their relatives,as myself, it’s quite hard to live in a fully-English-speaking environment, it cuts off a large amount of my chances to speak in English.Talking to my friends who are exchange students in overseas now , I can see the big difference between me and them.

Thank you so much for helping me again.

Have a nice day!